Adapting an effective skincare routine according to changing weather is mandatory because different seasons pose different challenges with regard to skincare. The beauty products that work well in summer may turn out to be inefficient in fall and winter. In colder periods skin dries out and starts to produce even more oil which may trigger acne for susceptible people. Lowering temperatures are accompanied by declining humidity which may take a toll on the skin in form of dryness, itching and roughness. Changing skin care products is imperative to keep skin hydrated. Keep reading to explore how skincare routine should be updated keeping in view the fall and winter seasons.

 Choose a heavy moisturizer:

Go for a thick and heavy moisturizer instead of a lighter one which is suited for summer, especially a moisturizer that features hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list. If you already have oily skin then choose moisturizer wisely as an extraordinary think product can do more harm than good. A non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic moisturizer is the best option for people with acne-prone skin. Take a look at this amazing moisturizer by The Ordinary which has dermal lipids, hyaluronic acids and amino acids. EVELINE skin care products also offer the best results. You may also try this EVELINE moisturizing cream that boasts 3 step anti-ageing effects and provides 3 times moisturisation.

 Include exfoliation in your routine:

Winter can render skin dry and dull because of dead skin cells. Keep exfoliating throughout winter to get rid of damaged skin. However, if you have sensitive skin then it’s better to scrub just twice or thrice a week. Use a gentle exfoliator to remove oil and leftover makeup for glassy smooth skin. Exfoliators clear pores which help moisturizers penetrate the skin well for better results. We have got a wide range of top of the line exfoliators such as Silky cool 3 in 1 whitening and exfoliating cream, ginger face and skin exfoliator. Also, check this Paula Choice exfoliating formula containing hydroxyl acid.

 Apply Facial Serum:

If your skin is still suffering from dryness then opt for a facial serum especially one with hyaluronic acid because serums having active ingredients provide even better hydration. Serums may also provide an anti-ageing effect by reducing skin wrinkles. This EVELINE youth activator serum containing 3 bioactive vitamin C forms is loved by people because of its phenomenal results. Using beauty products featuring vitamin C in fall can help rejuvenate skin by compensating for skin damages incurred during summer. We have a vast collection of skin care, hair care, and nail care products. Check this link for the best skincare products with price in Pakistan.

 Keep hands moisturized:

People tend to wash their hands with hot water in winter which can make hands drier. Instead of using hand sanitisers which add to the dryness of skin, apply moisturizing cream after washing hands. You may check this moisturizing hand balm by EVELINE.

 Protect your lips:

Most people battle with dry chapped lips in fall and winter. Start protecting your lips since the onset of fall to suppress the problem of patched lips before the outset of winter. Avoid licking your lips as it can aggravate the problem. Staying hydrated can also come in handy. Overnight moisturisation using a lip mask is also an effective way of hydration. Give a try to moisturizing lipsticks by Garbini available at the best online makeup store in Pakistan.

 Use a balm in place of a cleanser:

When temperatures are low it’s important to protect the skin’s natural oil. Cautiously wash the skin to avoid removing oil unnecessarily. Using a balm or cream is also a good option to keep skin oil in place and also works well for cleansing and removing make-up.

 Don’t forget to wear sunscreen:

A common mistake in winters is to skip applying sunscreen under the illusion that sunscreens are only meant for hot summers. Do wear sunscreen in colder months in the same manner as you do in summer. It’s vital to apply sunscreen with appropriate SPF during winters. Furthermore, sunscreen also helps in retaining moisture. You may check this article to choose the best sunscreen according to skin type.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you avoid common skin problems faced in fall and winter. Moreover, check our store for branded makeup and the best cosmetic products at competitive prices.