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One of the leading brands being sold in Pakistan. Eveline cosmetics originates all the way from Poland in Europe. The brand was first established in 1983 and is available in over 65+ countries all around the world. They are known to produce a wide variety of cosmetic products, everything from skincare, haircare, face, eyes, lips, nails, body, and much more.

A popular cosmetics brand in Pakistan

Eveline is a popular cosmetics brand that is also available on the go4shine page. We have extensive sections dedicated to this brand’s products. They are known to have some of the finest makeup products in Pakistan. Eveline cosmetics in Pakistan is famous for its makeup products. Their official website caters to both men and women in terms of skincare and other cosmetic tools.

How affordable is the brand?

The prices are economical, nor too cheap nor too expensive. A reasonable price tag and these products last a few months if you are a routine makeup user. They are known to use friendly ingredients that do not harm the skin and fit most skin types. Their products sit perfectly on the skin making it look poreless and beautified. Their products are known to provide a more natural everyday look as well if required. Be it day time look or night time their pallets are some of the finest. Feel free to check out our website to find out more.

Makeup Categories

Following are the makeup categories available on the official Eveline website regarding makeup products.

Below is a list of items available in the above-mentioned four categories, specialty items or products, and brief descriptions for you.




  • Lip Augmenting
  • Lip Lacquers
  • Lip liner
  • Lip Balms
  • Lip glosses
  • Lipsticks


  • Eyeshadow Primers
  • Lash Conditioners
  • Eyeshadow
  • Brow Make-Up
  • Eye Pencils
  • Eyeliners
  • mascaras

All the Items from the brand

    • Oh my Lips Lipstick & liner: There are over thirteen shades and items present on the website as well as the famous Oh my lips Lipstick & Lip liner gift pack, perfect for anyone that is a makeup
    • Eye shadow palette: The charming mocha eyeshadow palette in 12 shades, Ruby glamour in 12 shades, Angel dream eyeshadow 12 shades, Eveline chocolate eyeshadow palette also in 12 shades, Mystic galaxy eyeshadow palette, Variete eyeshadow palette, Harmony eyeshadow palette, Fantasy eyeshadow palette, Romantic eyeshadow palette, Eveline spicy cocoa eyeshadow palette in 12 shades (all palettes are available in 12+ shades).
    • The Liquid control foundation: Available in over six (05, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40) shade ranges, this is one of the best sellers due to its full coverage with a feather like formula leaving the skin feeling soft and light.
    • Primer: Mattifying, Smoothing, 2 in 1 unicorn (all in 30ml bottles).
    • Foundation: Eveline liquid foundation (six shades), satin matte mattifying & covering foundation (four shades), mattifying foundations (four shades), Foundation (six shades), Selfie time foundation & concealer (six shades).
    • Face powder: Wonder match, Matt my day, Celebrities powder, all day ideal stay matte finished & fix pressed.
    • Concealer: Concealer sensation, Liquid Camouflage, Art scenic concealer, Magical perfection eye concealer.
    • Blushes: Feel the blush, contour sensation.
    • Highlighters: Strobe highlighter, Face illuminator.
    • Eyebrow: Eyebrow pomade, Eyebrow corrector, Brow Styler, Micro precision brow pencil, Ultra fixing gel brow & Go, Eyeliner & pencils.
    • Mascara: Eveline mascara.
    • Makeup fixer: Makeup fixing mist.
    • Lipsticks: Oh my lips maximizer, Lipsticks, platinum, Velvet Matte, Kissy tattoo lip tint, lip cream matt magic.
    • Lip liner: In seven shades
    • Nail polish: available in over twenty shades.