Weather transitions call for a change in skincare routine too. For brighter, glowing, and lively skin you have to choose beauty products that are suited for hot weather. Don’t know which beauty products would give optimum results in sizzling weather? Here are some tips to make your skin ready to face the brunt of hot weather.

The summer season carries its own skin issues. Oily skin tends to produce even more oil and sweating is also there to exacerbate the problems. Changing your skincare products can make significant improvements.

Plenty of hydration:

The blazing sun can take a toll on your skin by rendering it dry and dull. Hydration will help mitigate the detrimental effects of bright sunshine. Maintaining adequate hydration is a must for fresh skin and for overall wellbeing as well. However, there are also other efficient alternatives to hydrate skin aptly. Use water-based summer-friendly lighter moisturizers for better results especially those with hyaluronic acid for lasting moisturization such as natural moisturizing factor by The Ordinary. Hyaluronic acid helps retain skin moisture as it attracts water. You may also be interested in EVELINE moisturizing lotion which also offers great results.

Apply sunscreen with reasonable SPF:

It’s imperative to wear sunscreen regardless of the season. Not wearing sunscreen in summer is no less than a crime because only a few hours without proper sun protection can cause irreparable damage. American Food and Drug Administration recommends applying broad-spectrum sunscreen having an SPF of 15 or greater for effective protection against harmful UV rays. Do reapply sunscreen after excessive sweating, swimming, or washing your face. It’s in your own interest to apply sunscreen generously for proper protection. Despite wearing sunscreen it’s recommended to limit sun exposure and use sunglasses and hats while you are out in the open. If you need help choosing the appropriate sunscreen according to your skin type then check this comprehensive guide on mineral and chemical sunscreens. Opting for a moisturizer with SPF such as Cetaphil Daily Defense may also be a good option.

Cleanse your skin:

Keeping skin clean is a must to get rid of sweat, dirt, and oils that can lead to a variety of skin issues such as pimples, skin rashes, and redness. Cleansing enhances skin’s glow in addition to clearing pores. Go for a light and gentle cleanser without fragrance for better results. We recommend cucumber facial cleanser by Silky Cool which has shown exceptional results.  We also offer cosmetics products by other famous brands such as Beauty UK, The ordinary, EVELINE, Stageline, Aodour, Garbini, etc. Check our store for authentic hair care products, nail care products, and makeup products with price in Pakistan.


Exfoliation helps in rejuvenating complexion by removing dead skin. Rising temperatures lead to increased clogging of pores. A scrub will help open pores and reveal fresh, brighter skin. Exfoliate once a week for glowing skin.  Keeping in view summers, go for a gentle exfoliator such as Silky Cool face and skin exfoliator available at the best online makeup store in Pakistan.

Lighten your make up:

Having thick layers of makeup products and foundation can pave way for acne and scores of other skin issues. Using heavy makeup tends to make skin oilier and greasy so it’s highly recommended to opt for non-comedogenic products to ward off pigmentation, acne, and pimples. Try using a light multipurpose cream such as EVELINE whitening multifunction BB cream

Give your skin a vitamin C boost:

Vitamin C being an excellent anti-oxidant helps counter the damages caused by free radicals. Vitamin C has numerous benefits. It alleviates the harmful effects of sun damage in the summer season and brightens complexion by accelerating the production of collagen which is responsible for building skin structure and diminishes acne faster. However, be cautious while using a serum with a higher percentage of vitamin C as it may aggravate the problem of dry skin. Try this EVELINE expert C serum which has a perfect concentration of vitamin C and is based on Tri Hybrid Vitamin C technology.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips take a healthy diet, don’t sleep without removing makeup, and take care of your feet as we tend to wear sandals in summer.