People having oily and acne-prone skin have to deal with several problems at a time. Their skin is more susceptible to developing pimples and other blemishes. Oily skin has widened pores, a greasy thick appearance, and a dull texture owing to excess sebum which leads to skin issues such as acne. Sebum is a substance released by oil glands that is responsible to lubricate and soften the skin but excess sebum production triggers acne. Bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells clog pores and hinder the release of sebum. In response, glands start to produce more sebum causing acne.

Beauty products containing retinoids:

Retinoids promote natural healing of the skin by exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, dirt and effectively open pores. Retinols enjoy many benefits over other skincare products in that the tiny molecules penetrate the skin layers and promote the production of collagen. Hence natural healing of the skin is stimulated. We recommend trying Retinol 1% by The Ordinary. This product also contains squalane which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You also check this EVELINE retinol cream which also shows promising results.

Salicylic acid:

Clears pores and suppresses inflammation. Can get you rid of blackheads and whiteheads. It is also beneficial for other issues linked to acne. Salicylic acid by the ordinary works well for acne-prone skin and has the added advantage of providing even skin tone. Apply it on thoroughly clean and dry skin for optimum results.


Cleansing skin is a must to ward off acne breakouts. Start your daily skincare routine by cleansing in the morning. The aim should be to use a cleanser that is gentle on the skin, clears blocked pores, has antibacterial characteristics, and does not aggravate the problem. Moreover, people having acne-prone skin should always opt for non-comedogenic beauty products. Frequent cleansing can irritate the skin so cleanse your face not more than twice a day.  Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin is a good option. The cleanser is designed to work well for acne-prone oily skin through its gentle foaming action. You may also go for Silky Cool gentle cucumber cleanser.   Also, check this squalane cleanser by the ordinary which also has oxybenzone included which reduces inflammation by killing acne-causing bacteria.


Cleansing should be followed by a toner so that skin is ready to receive moisturizer or any other post-cleansing treatment. Toners are meant to freshen up skin without dryness or skin irritation. We recommend this Silky Cool toner which also has salicylic acid and does a wonderful job for oily acne-prone skin. Castor oil included in this toner makes skin smooth and radiant.


Keeping skin hydrated is beneficial for any skin type. People having oily skin sometimes use a topical medicine for drying out excess skin oil. In such a case using a lightweight moisturizer is even more important. Purchase a wide variety of moisturizers available at the best online makeup store in Pakistan. This natural moisturizer by The Ordinary is a great option and also has hyaluronic acid which attracts atmospheric water and greatly helps in moisturizing the skin. Cetaphil Daily Defense moisturizer also has SPF 50 included. This EVELINE moisturizing cream may also appeal to you.

Apply SPF:

Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 or higher will also help fight acne because some medicines used for acne treatment tend to turn skin even more sensitive. You may shop EVELINE whitening sun protection cream here.

Avoid hard exfoliation:

Acne is not caused by dirt that’s why harsh scrubbing can do more harm than good by irritating skin. Exfoliation is not mandatory for people with acne. However mild exfoliation up to two times a week can help avoid acne by removing debris and hence decreasing the likelihood of pores clogging.

General tips:

In a hot country like Pakistan, excessive sweating in summer may exacerbate the acne problem. Always wash your face after sweating, stay hydrated, don’t touch or pop pimples, and opt for non-comedogenic skincare products. Hair care products can also lead to acne so be prudent.

Use authentic skincare and makeup products:

Substandard skincare products may tempt you for being cheap but lead to aggravation of the issue. Always use effective products of renowned brands which are known to work. We have skincare products with prices in Pakistan by famous brands such as Beauty UK, Stageline, Silky Cool, Cetaphil, EVELINE, Aodour, etc. Check our store for all sorts of cosmetics products including hair care, nail care, and other cosmetics.