Distressed with under eyes dark circles? Well, many people are struggling with the same skin issue which may be triggered by a variety of causes such as lack of sleep, stressful routine, dehydration, allergies, sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, excessive time in front of computer screens, and poor eating habits. Carry out a pinch test to assess the underlying cause of dark circles. Pinch the skin and pull it away from the surface. If it is still brown then hyperpigmentation is to be blamed for dark circles whereas if the color seems a bit lighter then swollen veins are causing the problem. Almost everyone develops the problem of dark circles at some point in life. Here are some tips to diminish dark circles.

Eye serums:

Coffee plays an important role in keeping us active all day. Caffeine is also used extensively in beauty products because of its immense benefits. It can help mitigate the problem of under-eye skin thinning and hence reduce dark circles. Caffeine is a natural antioxidant. Caffeine-based serums have a soothing effect on the eyes. The ordinary caffeine solution is a wonderful formula containing soluble caffeine and green tea extracts to reduce hyperpigmentation and puffiness.

Remove Eye makeup carefully:

Be careful while removing eye makeup so as not to irritate the delicate skin under the eyes. EVELINE gentle makeup removing lotion having cleansing milk is good to evade dark circles and puffiness problems and also regulates melanin production. Aodour also provides puffy eye attack eye makeup remover which is soothing, cooling, and reduces puffiness effectively around the eyes.

Chemical peeling:

Chemical peeling may be an effective treatment for people whose dark circles are because of hyperpigmentation. Don’t go for deep peeling as it may aggravate the problem however light peeling lightens, moisturizes, and fades wrinkles in the eye area. Moreover, chemical peeling can also remove dead skin and clear pores. Try this Silky cool peel off mask that expresses significant improvement.  Also, check this peeling solution by the ordinary.

Use an eye mask:

An eye mask cools and refreshes the skin around the eyes to render the eyes fresher and healthier. Eye mask also helps in addressing the looseness of skin and promotes the regeneration process. EVELINE offers an anti-wrinkle golden eye pads mask which is good for treating dark circles.

Moisturize daily:

Daily moisturizing can also help cope with the problem of dark circles and puffiness. Especially the moisturizers having hyaluronic acid are promising such as the ordinary natural moisturizing factor.

Apply sunscreen:

Sun exposure can also trigger dark circle problems. Apply sunscreen and use sunglasses for protection against harmful UV rays.

Conceal the dark circles:

Most remedies and beauty products for dark circles take time to show results that’s why you may have to use concealers to reduce the prominence of dark circles. Choose a concealer according to your skin tone to conceal dark circles flawlessly. Dark circles can be brown, grey, purple or blue. Apply appropriate concealer accordingly. Check this perfect concealer crayon by Beauty UK.  You may also try Stageline magic concealers and highlighters which also do a great job.

Apply retinoid eye cream:

These creams help reduce dark circles by virtue of retinol which is a powerful ingredient and a derivative of vitamin A. It helps in suppressing dark circles as it triggers collagen production. Wondering how to get authentic skin care products in Pakistan including hair care, nail care, and other makeup products? Go4shine is the best online makeup store in Pakistan. We have a wide range of skincare products with price in Pakistan offered on our website. Let’s get back to retinol creams. EVELINE retinol cream is best suited as an anti-aging cream and also helps mitigate dark circles. The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% is also a potent age-defying formula that is known to rejuvenate skin.

General tips:

Sleep deprivation is a major contributing factor in dark circles. Have a sound sleep of around 8 hours. Stay hydrated, exercise regularly to improve blood circulation, take a healthy diet, and cut down on salt consumption. Massaging the skin around the eyes regularly also improves blood circulation in the area which may help deal with the dark circles’ problem.