Wearing makeup takes considerable time and effort. No one wants makeup to fade midway through the day as it can become the cause of significant embarrassment in front of the crowd. Keep reading this article to explore established tips to help makeup last longer. We are going to share the secrets to keeping the foundation intact and protecting blush from distorting and mascara from blurring. We would also recommend tested skincare products with price for best results.

What causes makeup to smudge?

In sizzling summers, sweating is the biggest culprit that causes makeup to fade away. Especially when humidity is also high it becomes increasingly difficult to keep makeup in place. Skin oils may also interact with makeup to disturb the looks.

Readying skin for makeup:

 Before putting on makeup pay heed to remove dirt and other unwanted particles. It’s imperative to keep removing dead skin cells via exfoliation to acquire even skin which is crucial for smooth and lasting make-up. Check this exceptional product by silky cool on the best online makeup store in Pakistan. We also have a wide gamut of beauty products including hair care products, skincare products, nail care products, whitening facials, branded makeup etc.

Moisturize the skin:

After cleansing and drying the skin apply an oil-free moisturizer, it is also recommended but not mandatory to apply the moisturizer as it helps moisturizer stay in place and renders a smooth glassy surface for the makeup. Moreover, primer also keeps makeup from absorbing into the skin and hence makeup tends to last longer. If you are looking for primers check our website. We have some of best make products from famous brands including the ordinary, GARBINI, Beauty UK, Stage line, Aodour and other renowned brands. Visit this link to explore our vast collections of primers.

Apply foundation:

Now is the time to apply foundation. Go for an oil-free foundation so that it remains in its place. For unblemished makeup apply it in layers. You don’t need to look anywhere else as we have got you covered. We recommend using this foundation by EVELINE. To cover up unevenness in the skin you may also apply a concealer. Shop concealers here.

Cream blush or setting powder:

Apply setting powder as it absorbs extra oil and doesn’t let makeup slide away. It works as a sealer to keep makeup in place. Alternatively for even better results use cream blush which lasts longer by virtue of higher pigment.

Priming the eyes:

Eye primers are also available nowadays which are meant to render eyeliner and eye shadow lasts longer. Primers make pigments in makeup strikeout to give you a catchy look. Primers also absorb excess oil to bar makeup from sliding away. Moreover, primers also provide an even surface which is perfect for the application of makeup and concealer.

Eyeliner and eye shadow:

Use waterproof eyeliner and eye shadow as these would look fresh throughout the day and are also less susceptible to smudge. For even better results also use a tinted wax. Conclude your eye makeup by using setting powder and then you can have your fingers crossed regarding eye makeup lasting all day long.

Retaining lip Color:

Keeping lip colour vibrant is no less than a challenge. One has to reapply lip colour frequently as it is highly likely to fade away due to normal talking or eating. However, there is a solution to this problem too. Use matte lipstick along with a little primer. This pro tip will give a lasting colour in contrast to lipstick alone. It is also recommended to apply lipstick in layers. After application of the first layer use a tissue to smoothen it and then use a finishing powder.

Setting spray:

After completing your make up use setting spray to seal everything in place.  Setting spray can even be used in routine for a lasting makeup that tends to stay on the face and does not melt away easily that’s why setting sprays are widely used to provide finishing touches. These sprays also provide a rather natural look. Settings sprays come in different combinations that can mattify, hydrate and even provide a glow.

Necessary cautions:

Applying beauty cosmetics the right way may help a lot in keeping makeup intact all day, but taking some precautions is also crucial. Don’t wipe your nose frequently as it may disturb the layers on and around the nose. Avoid touching your face frequently as it may lead to prominent blemishes. Use blotting paper to absorb oils. However, avoid using blotting paper too often as it may take away more makeup. Instead, go for dry sponges because they soak oil without interfering with makeup. It’s also recommended to keep necessary makeup items in your bag to refresh your makeup if the need arises.