Smooth, silky, and juicy skin is everyone’s dream. Make-up products are meant to add glory and radiance to the skin. Highlighters play a crucial role in achieving the desired look through contouring and highlighting the face. Online makeup platforms are also offering multiple types of highlighters alongside other skincare products. Which type of highlighter you should use to get optimum results? Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best out of the different options available at makeup stores. Don’t worry we are here to figure it out for you after all we claim to be the best online makeup store in Pakistan and deem it our responsibility to guide our customers well.

Liquid, cream, and powder highlighters all are not alike and have their own benefits. However, Liquid highlighters enjoy multiple benefits over other sorts of highlighters. Here are some of the salient features of liquid highlighters.

Ease of application:

Liquid highlighters can be applied in small quantities as per need and after the first application gets blended you may go for another layer if required. Liquid highlighters bestow a more natural glassy look as these don’t leave marks and traces like other highlighters. It’s not so easy to get an even appearance with powder or cream highlighters.

Suitable for use in the summer season:

In a country like Pakistan, Powder highlighters give an unreasonably bright look in the summer season as skin already looks somewhat brighter due to sweating. Moreover, powder highlighters get mixed with sweat to form a greasy substance that looks uneven. Some high-end liquid highlighters are also water-resistant and don’t get wiped off by sweat and water.

Get an even glow all over the face:

Liquid highlighters can also be mixed with foundation to apply all over the face in order to get a smooth, natural, and evenly radiant look. Hence your skin glows evenly from all sides no matter which direction the light is coming from. However it’s recommended to apply directly to areas where the conspicuous glow is needed.

Suitable for all skin types:

Liquid highlighters are tolerated by all skin types however they work best for dry skins. In summers, liquid highlighters are the best option because other highlighters tend to form an undesired mixture by blending with sweat which disturbs the whole of the makeup.

Use for creating striking eye shadows:

Liquid highlighters can be used as a creamy base before applying eyeshadow powder. This renders attractive eye makeup.

Combination with moisturizer:

Liquid highlighters can be blended with moisturizer to make the moisturizer give a silky bright look irrespective of whether you are wearing makeup or not. Hence you may get glowing skin without worrying about dryness.

Highlight specific areas:

Liquid highlighters are often used to prominent the areas of your choice such as cheekbones. Apart from highlighters, there are some other products to glorify cheeks such as Beauty UK sweet cheeks. Highlighters can be used with other beauty products to give an attractive look. Achieve an outstanding appearance by using highlighters aptly.

Easier control over the amount of application:

Extra liquid can easily be taken off to optimize the amount applied. It’s also easier to apply in desired amount drop by drop. Hence liquid highlighters also last longer as there is little to no wastage. Moreover achieving desired glow is also not a big deal with liquid highlighters.

Variety of applications:

Liquid highlighters can be used in a number of ways rather than just highlighting. In combination with other makeup products, liquid highlighters can do wonders. The concentration of liquid highlighters is also less which drastically enhances the prospect of using them in multiple ways. Highlighters are also ideal for finishing touches.

No need for body highlighter:

Liquid highlighters can substitute body highlighters to give a glow to shoulders, collarbones, etc. This will also make your skin look more natural by giving the same sort of shine to your face, neck, and shoulders. Hence it rids you of worrisome dual shades. These can also be used adroitly on other exposed areas such as legs and arms.

Where to purchase:

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