Makeup was first introduced in Pakistan in the 1950s. When it comes to makeup Pakistan is home to both local as well as international brands. Here, we will be mentioning in detail some of the finest and longest-running makeup brands in the country. The specific cosmetics products of the brand that outshine others or have helped advance the business further a simple example of this would have to be Medora lipsticks, these have been a staple product in every lady’s makeup journey in Pakistan. Hence, it is evident through the history following the 1950s era up till now that makeup has revolutionized the cosmetic industry of Pakistan for decades counting up to many more decades to come. When it comes to makeup Pakistan confidently follows every trend that starts.

How has Makeup Evolved Through the Years?

Adorning one’s face has been a trend for ages now. This is a trend that not only women but men have also been following. Personalities like Wang You have been known to wear makeup from the 1400s. Strawberries have been used as lipstick for many years. A light tint on the lips trend is back now, especially in Korean beauty standards. Light and thin eyebrows have dominated the eyebrow game for a long time but bushy and messy brows are the trend for today. The thick liner that stands out has been replaced by a thin eyeliner that gives a cat-eye look. When it comes to eyeshadow blue was the IT color! A soft sultry look was the way to go when it came to makeup back in the day. As for nowadays, a chiseled and sharp look is the way to go. Unless talking about an everyday makeup routine then it is all about enhancing the features with the help of makeup products pakistan.


Makeup in the 1900s



Makeup NOW


Let’s begin talking about the various makeup brands found in Pakistan.

Following are the makeup companies we will be Discussing in Detail

  1. Medora of London
  2. Masarrat Misbah
  3. Beautify by Amna
  4. Alezem’s beauty
  5. The Rivaj UK
  6. Atiqa Odho

There are many more that can be added to the list but these are some of the most outstanding ones.

Medora of London in Pakistan

Do you belong to a Pakistani household? Seen your mum wearing lipstick? Have stolen your mum’s lipsticks to try for yourself? Well, we can say this with surety this is the brand of lipstick your mum was using at the time when you were developing a sense of love and attachment towards makeup.

The origin of this brand is Swat and it caters to two types of lipsticks

  • Matte
  • Glossy-matte

First of all the application of the lipstick is smooth and one does not have to drag an unnecessary amount of time to get a layer to form on the lips. The end result provides a matte look that does not feel dry on the lips, the lipstick is actually hydrating for the lips and the best part is it does not come off too easily however, you may need to re-apply it once or twice throughout the day for a fresh look. They are affordable and super popular in all of Pakistan. Compare these to any other international lipstick you cannot deny that Medora of London is just as good if not better.

Masarrat Misbah makeup brand in Pakistan

The renowned Misbah owner of the Deplix saloon chain here in Pakistan has made a name for herself in the cosmetics world in Pakistan. Her makeup brand has been around for a handful of years now and its products are sold everywhere in Pakistan. Her cosmetic items are known to be hundred percent halal and cruelty-free. The most famous item from her brand is the Silk Foundation. That leaves the skin feeling and looking percaline and perfect upon application. The products are not expensively priced they are up to the mark and easily affordable.

Beautify By Amna in Pakistan

A local brand started by a single individual due to their love for cosmetics, especially makeup, this brand has grown tremendously and its products are advertised everywhere on social media. Most of their business is online but a lot of their renowned and most outstanding products are sold in stores in Pakistan. A brand as such has a bright future in revolutionizing cosmetic production in Pakistan. Since this is a local, small business-owned cosmetics brand their products are slightly on the pricey side but no compromises are made when it comes to quality. A marvelous brand for the youth of the nation.

Alezem’s Beauty in Pakistan

This is a brand famous for its lip and cheek tint that lasts on the face for many hours if not the entire day. Although this is not one of the most famous brands it still has some great products that should not go unnoticed. A tint is a trend followed by most young individuals all over the world, especially in Asia hence, why the need to add this brand was felt heavily. Their products are affordable as well and most of their business is online, check their website to purchase desired items.

The Rivaj UK sold in Pakistan

This one takes the cake when it comes to fame in the cosmetics industry in Pakistan. Rivaj is a brand that is still used by many Pakistanis to this day. Its products are timeless that never go out of use and fashion. All of its products make it one of the most famous makeup brands in all of Pakistan. Its products are inexpensive and easily affordable making it a top-rated brand loved by the nation.

Atiqa Odho cosmetics in Pakistan

This is the only Pakistani cosmetics brand that is known both locally and internationally. It is on the luxury side of Pakistani cosmetics. But Atiqa Odho is a renowned personality and famously known as a part of the fashion industry of Pakistan, she has also made a name for herself in the cosmetics industry for all of the nations to avail. The products are not the most inexpensive but no compromises are made when it comes to quantity and quality.

Hence, these are some of the famously known cosmetics brands in Pakistan. You can check out our website to find out more as well as get to know other makeup brands both local and international.