Here we will have mentioned some of the most common makeup-related questions people often ask and answer them to the best of our abilities to satisfy our customers as much as possible. A few common themes that follow makeup questions is the application process relevant to certain skin types, what amount of certain products one should be applying to the skin to make it seem flawless and waste as little product as possible, how to avail the best and long-lasting skincare products under a budget and much more.
Below we have answered these questions and many more to help those that visit the website or use any product available on the go4shine cosmetics.

Questions & Answers

Why does my makeup look cakey?

The reason for this could be that you might be using excessive amounts of a few or all products included in your makeup routine. If you pile too many products onto each other then the end result might turn out very cakey and the makeup on your face will be more prominent and less flawless looking on the skin. The reality behind this fact is that if you have makeup on your skin then it is a straight tell, sometimes for pictures or exclusive events where a lot of cameras might be involved a heavy makeup look requires you to look cakey in real when on camera you might look perfect and porcelain. To avoid this problem make sure the foundation you are using is good. Meaning it sits on the skin nicely so that the rest of the products can be piled on smoothly as well as blend in easily.

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How do I cover my acne with makeup?

The answer to this is to invest in a heavy-duty foundation, depending on what your preference is pick between powder and liquid foundation and use it as a base layer then to provide further coverage use an undertone or lighter concealer that blends in nicely with the foundation to cover anything on the skin. Then set it in place with a light powder. If this does not work for you then even before foundation tries using a color corrector to even out skin tone and hide blemishes and pimples

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How can I find the perfect shade of foundation for my skin?
The simple and easy thing to do for this is to go to the store and test out a few shades on your hand or neck for a better understanding of what shade best suits your skin tone. Keep your skin undertone in mind and pick a lighter concealer in order to achieve a bright makeup look.

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How do I keep the makeup on my skin from creasing?

For this, you will have to invest in a good foundation as well as an even better setting powder that can effectively lock the makeup in place and help it last all day long without coming off the face. After you use foundation and concealer you can follow the following steps:
Use a loose setting powder for baking the face
Or use a compact powder to pat the product in place

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What does it mean to bake the face?

After you have applied foundation it is necessary you use a setting powder to lock the foundation in place. Baking is a term used in makeup where after the foundation you use a brush or a beauty sponge to apply a layer of loose setting powder under the eyes, under the cheekbone area, on the sides of the nose, maybe even the chin and the middle of the forehead. Let it sit for a while and then brush the access off. What happens in this process is that the loose powder gets enough time to stick to the foundation and then whatever is left is brushed off with a makeup brush.

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What makeup brush is used for what?

It can be slightly hectic to understand what type of brush is used for what products on the face. Different brushes with different angles are available that are used for their respective procedures. Mostly the fluffy brushes are used for powder products whereas the angles or straight brushes are used for blending or patting in the foundation and concealer. As for eyeshadow brushes, the fluffy ones are for both applying the shade and blending whereas the angles ones are for application as well as precision.

How can I achieve the perfect liner look?

The reason you want the answer to this question is that you simply cannot get your bare hands to do the effortless job for you. Well, if you would like to ask us then a few simple and easy as well as less time-consuming methods would have to be, either use a piece of tape right below the eye or create a few dots and then connect them to achieve a cat-eye look. Of course, this is just till you can master the art yourself without the help of a prop.

What do I put on the first concealer or foundation?

Although the traditional and normal way to do this is to apply foundation first and then use a light shade of concealer to achieve an airbrushed and bright look if you have skin problems then what you can do is apply concealer on the problems areas first, then apply foundation and then go over it with more concealer if needed. This is totally up to you and your personal preference. Makeup is an art and when it comes to art there is no such thing as right or wrong.
The key when it comes to applying mascara is to have patience because the moment you hurry is the moment you mess up and get mascara in places it should not be. And make sure to clean the wand on the sides of the bottle before applying because too many products might be stuck to the wand than needed. Or simply use waterproof mascara. However, if you still end up creating a slight mess then just wait for the product to try and scrape it off gently.