If you talk about the early 2000s then you know how important the blush was when it came to any makeup look. It did go out of fashion for a while when contour and bronzer took over but you best believe it is back in business. An essential part of every makeup look.

You might ask yourself why blush is such an important or essential part of makeup. Well, here’s why:

  • Blush instantly makes the face look more lively
  • It makes the face look fresher
  • It brings a more youthful look to the face
  • It brings color to the face turning it from pale to healthy
  • It adds depth and color to the contour and/or bronzer

You know how important blush is if you are a makeup user. When it comes to fluid makeup a few products that are best suited for this category are:

  1. Liquid foundation
  2. Liquid Lipsticks
  3. Blush or tint

These are three major products that are best suited and preferred in fluid form. For blush, the reason liquid blush or tint is so famous these days is because of the easy application and long-lasting effects of the product.

What are the benefits of liquid blush?

  • It does not need to be reapplied several times throughout the day
  • The product does not move on the skin
  • Compared to powder blush tint sits on the skin better
  • It provides a natural glow and looks to the skin

What are all the forms of blush?

  1. Liquid blush/tint
  2. Powder blush
  3. Cream blush (in pallet and stick form)
  4. Powder blush in the form of balls

Best blushes on the website:

By Eveline Cosmetics

  • Blush Full HD (stick form/ cream blush)
  • Contour Blush Sensation (powder form 4in1)
  • Feel the blush no.1 Peony (powder)
  • Feel the blush no.2 Dahlia (powder)
  • Feel the blush no.3 Orchid (Powder)

By Aodour Cosmetics

  • Mega Blush (powder form 4in1)
  • Blushed Liquid cream blush
  • Creamy Blush On
  • Blush it Up

By Gabrini Cosmetics

  • The Gabrini Blush On (Various shades in powder form)
  • Terracotta Blush-on (various shades in powder form)
  • Matte Blush On (in powder form)

By Stageline Cosmetics

  • Velvet blush palette Plus (six different shades in one palette/ in powder form)
  • Velvet blush palette (seven shades in cream form)

These are some outstanding blush products by prestigious brands in Pakistan available on the go4shine website.

Tips on How to Apply the Blush the Best Way

  1. Start by preparing your skin with the proper skin care so the blush has a great base to lay on
  2. The most important is to know your shade. Which shade of blush suits you best? Find this out first and foremost.
  3. Then according to your skin texture and type pick between powders, liquid, or cream blush. Try out all in order to know which suits them best.
  4. Pick the effective means or medium for the proper application of the blush. Figure out whether a brush works best for you, applying the product with fingers or a sponge.
  5. Know how to apply the blush according to your face shape. If you have a round or oval face then the preferred way would be to apply the blush on the apples of the cheek, if you have higher cheekbones then avoid the apples of the cheek and focus more on the high points (i.e. above the cheekbone area going up to the end of the eyebrow or sides of the face). If you have a square shape face then apply the blush to the cheeks going up slightly.
  6. The next and most important step is to blend to perfection. The more you blend the most natural and beautiful it will look.
  7. You can even use blush as a one-hit-wonder product. Want to know how? Well, you can apply blush on your cheeks as well as the eyes, the nose (for a sun-kissed look), and on the lips. This look will make you look fresh, bright, cute, and rosy.
  8. Learn to differentiate between shimmer blush and normal blush.
  9. Layer liquid or cream blush with powder blush for a more radiant effect.
  10. If you cannot find the right shade of blush for your skin tone, just use any lipstick as a cheek tint, this idea works just as perfectly.
  11. Set the blush and whole makeup look with a setting spray in order for it to last the whole day without moving.

Hence, above mentioned are a few essential and highly effective blush application tricks and ideas to help you with your makeup looks and much more. There is also a list of related items that you can avail on the go4shine page. Check the website to find out more.