If you do not already know what mascara is then it is a colored liquid used to thicken the eyelashes. It is typically used in black or brown but there are other colors also available in the markets all over the world. It is a product that provides volume to the eyelashes, making the eye look bolder and more prominent. It is a staple in each and every makeup look.

Your makeup is basically incomplete without mascara. This is one of those products you cannot miss as a step in your routine. Mascara adds depth and texture to the face, eyes and the whole makeup look in general.  This is why we have prepared for you a list of all the things you need to know about applying mascara like a pro and everything in between. We have covered all the mascara information you might need.


What is mascara?

As already said, it is a liquid applied to the lashes to make them look thicker and add color to them. As for the general appearance of the cosmetic product, it often comes in a long cylindrical bottle with a wand. The wand supports the bristles which are used for the application of the liquid to the lashes. Depending on the type of look you like to go for you can layer as much as you want or keep it minimal with this beauty product. The choice is really all up to you.

The bristles vary, depending on what type of bristles best coat your lashes and make them look fuller. The most common color used is black or brown. But when it comes to mascara you can play around with colors as much as you want. This beauty product really enhances the eye. Eveline mascaras are great and you can get them from the go4shine makeup page.

Some of the best mascaras on the go4shine page

On the go4shine website, there is a wide variety of mascaras from different brands. The list is three pages long. There is a total of 39 mascara items available on the page out of which these are a few:

These are seven out of thirty-nine products available on the go4shine page.

What is the difference between normal & waterproof mascara?

The general difference is in the formula, meaning the ingredients. The waterproof mascara is supposed to last the whole day without spreading or smudging. Whereas the normal formula has the tendency to spread or smear on the face if the eyes are touched too much. Any sort of moisture makes the normal mascara smudge and the eyes start to look messy. Not all normal mascaras are this easy but when opting to buy this item always prefer quality over price. The waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove, but if you are an everyday makeup user then it is best to use a waterproof type of mascara, which can last up to many hours without spreading.

Tips on how to apply the Mascara

  • Start by deciding which type of mascara wand-style best coats your eyelashes or makes them look fuller, you might have to try a few products in order to understand this better.
  • Once you have the first step figured out take the wand out and make sure to wipe the excess at the sides of the mascara bottle or tube so your lashes can get coated evenly.
  • Once you have cleaned the excess product on the sides of the bottle proceed to apply the mascara to the lashes, start by applying the liquid first to the end of the lashes.
  • Apply the mascara to the ends and wiggle the want to the length of the lashes in upward motions while using your wrist to wiggle the wand in slight motions.
  • Start the application by the inner corner lashes of the eyes and move towards the end hairs.
  • Take your time on the outer corner of the eye because that is where most of the drama lies. Be generous with the product.
  • You can even curl your lashes beforehand with an eyelash curler for even more lift and curly lashes. It adds a beautiful look to the eye.
  • Feel free to dip again if you feel the application is not even.
  • Also feel free to apply more than one layer to enhance the eye further. This is a choice totally up to you. Depending on how you like the eye to look, heavy or light.

Hence, this is all the information you might be needing regarding mascara. If you feel the need to understand anything further, checkout the go4shine website and or contact our customer service to gain help.