A big concern for any makeup-wearing fashionista is making their look last the whole day. An essential aspect regarding this concern is being mindful of the type of products you use, and the type that suits your skin the best. We here on the go4shine website sell some of the best makeup products in Pakistan.

We will take you through the various steps of any makeup routine along with a list of products related to each individual step, all of which are available on the go4shine page for you to purchase. Included below are also special measures you can follow while applying the product to make it last longer, prevent the product from moving on the skin, or vanishing at all.

The Makeup-Steps

Following are the various makeup application steps as well as tips to make the look last the whole day.

  1. Foundation:

Foundation is the base layer of the whole makeup look. It is literally as the name suggests, a foundation on which the rest of the makeup look sits. It is essential that the foundation of your choice is so good that it supports the rest of the makeup look effortlessly in a way that the rest of the products have a strong enough base to sit on top of.

  • PRIME: Use a good thick layer of primer right after your sunscreen or moisturizer, before the foundation. Apply a generous layer of primer all over the face. What this additional step does is lock in the moisture and help the foundation sit on the skin flawlessly without moving on the skin the entire day.

You can visit the go4shine website and check foundations such as stage line foundation and Gabrini foundation.

  1. Fluid Makeup + powder:

Another thing you can do to intensify and enhance your makeup look is to use liquid or cream products first and then lock them in place by applying a powder product of the same type over top.

For example, you can apply a light layer of liquid blush over the cheeks and then go in with a powder blush to prevent the products from moving on the skin. The Gabrini blush, which is available in a wide range on the website is a great option for this step.

  1. Dabbing and blending:

Another important thing most people tend to miss is to blend the product into the skin properly. Use a beauty sponge for this, your fingers, or a brush whatever you like but dab!

What dabbing does is it helps the product seep into the skin nicely, getting rid of excess product, and distributing the right amount all over the face and neck.


  1. Use waterproof makeup:

You can use waterproof products which is a great choice to make in terms of sweating. If your pores tend to produce a lot of sweat and you cannot help but touch your face often throughout the day then using products waterproof products. Such as Waterproof mascara.

  1. Setting spray:

Another thing you can do at the very end of your makeup look is to spritz your entire face, generously with makeup setting spray.  This product also stops the makeup from moving around on the face and the spray helps to set it on the face making it last throughout the day.

  1. Prime the eye before eyeshadow:

Yes, this is another step you should be following to help your look last longer, the eyes are where all the drama is which is why it is important that you prime your eyes either with eye primer or just your everyday eye cream or moisturizer to help the shades stick to the skin better. The Eveline eyeshadow palette has some great color ranges. Eveline products in general are marvelous you can check out the website to find out more.

  1. Use setting powder:

This is a known and quite important step of everyday makeup routine but just in case you missed it we are here to let you know how important it is to use a setting powder. If you are someone that loves more of a dewy look and tends to avoid powder products then just use setting powder in the T-zone of the face because that is where most of the oil is produced inside the skin. Especially under the eyes.

Another step you can take or add is to use blotting sheets a few times throughout the day to get rid of excess oil that the skin produces to provide a fresh look all over again.

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