People from all over Pakistan use Eveline makeup products. The prices are economical, nor too cheap nor too expensive. They are known to use friendly ingredients that do not harm the skin and fit most skin types. Their skincare is also among some of the finest on our website.

Be it daytime or night time the Eveline eyeshadow pallets are some of the finest. Feel free to check out our website to find out more. Or you can visit the Eveline store in Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. You can even check the official Eveline cosmetics website for an exclusive online experience.

Items included in the Gift Set

The Eveline White prestige gift set consists of three items.

  1. Intensive whitening day cream
  2. Whitening and regenerating night cream
  3. Whitening facial wash

These items come in the form of a set, boxed and the front of the packaging is left transparent to view the products.

The face wash comes in a tube whereas the day and night creams are available in a small cylindrical bottle with a top you can twist off to access the product inside.

Below is a brief description of each of the items included in the gift set.

  1. Intensive whitening day cream

The Eveline intensive whitening day cream is a skincare product best used as an everyday moisturizer for the daytime. Hydration is utterly important for the skin and this cream does just the job. Retains the skin throughout the day no matter where you are, what you are doing the day cream protects the skin against dryness. The formula of the product is multifunctional, buildable, and very lightweight on the skin. It reduces discoloration and lightens the skin. If you have discoloration on your skin then this is the right product to help protect your skin during the day. . It is based on the Fracto 2 illumi laser TM  unique technology with LumiwhiteTM .


  1. Intensive whitening night cream

The Eveline intensive whitening night cream is a nighttime variant of the day cream. During the night the skin is in extra need of hydration because it is at rest. At nighttime is the ideal time to follow an extensive skincare regime as your skin is away from the everyday hassle and completely at rest which allows the products to work at their best potential. The night cream is a heavier formula that also lightens the skin and retains it throughout the night when you are asleep. It is based on the Fracto 2 illumi laser TM  unique technology with LumiwhiteTM .


  1. Whitening facial wash

The whitening facial wash is a skin exfoliator product that can be used at either time be it day or night to clean the skin. A generous amount of the product can be rubbed into the skin to get rid of bacteria and dust on the skin. It is an everyday use product like the day and night creams. It purifies the skin deeply and lightens it further. The facial gel regulates melanin synthesis. It is enriched with LambskinTM.

What is the purpose of using the gift set?

The everyday use of three of these products effectively lightens the skin and it starts to feel refreshed. The facial wash rejuvenates and purifies the skin as well as lightens it with everyday use (for faster results use it once during the day and once the night before sleep). The day cream helps to lighten the skin during the day and the night cream helps to lighten the skin during skin after you sleep the cream still works its magic to keep the process running while you are at rest.

“An Honest Review”

Although most whitening or skin lightening products are despised in most countries the general public from countries within Asia skin rely on skin whitening products to make themselves look lighter than their natural complexion. This means the concept is not completely considered taboo. Yet.

The Evelin white prestige 4D whitening day and night cream makes for a great gift for any lady. The product is great for cleansing and overall outward means of hydration for the skin. Keeping the skin smooth and hydrated instead of oily.

The product renews skin cells and protects them against the harsh rays of the sun. It completely prevents dark spots and dry patches, it makes sure no sort of spots appear on the skin and the existing ones start to diminish. Completely reduces hyperpigmented areas of the face.

For a one-tone, better far more effective result one should make sure to include their neck when washing the face or moisturizing. The gift set is pretty affordable both as a gift and for yourself. The containers hold enough product so that they may last the whole month, sometimes even longer.