It is a crucial step in the makeup eye because the right foundation can result in the whole makeup look turning out flawless, making your skin look airbrushed and poreless. There are people that do not prefer to include the foundation in their daily makeup routine and some that cannot live without the perfect foundation as a step of their everyday makeup look. There are also a few people that use loose or compact setting powder, eradicating foundation completely out of their routine. To some foundation is just a special day application thing.

What is the common difference between liquid and powder foundation?


To understand the importance and need of foundation you must first figure out which type of foundation is suitable for your own skin type and what works best for you.  If we compare the two, that is liquid vs. powder foundation then the most common difference that presents itself is that the liquid foundation provides heavier coverage as compared to powder. The powder foundation lightly tints that skin as opposed to providing any sort of coverage whereas liquid both covers blemishes and marks as well as acts as a better base layer for other makeup products.

Although this fact may sound like it is superior compared to powder foundation this is not the case. If you have well to normal skin or dare I say flawless and cannot bear heavy coverage for a daily makeup look then powder foundation is best for you because it feels light on the skin and causes less damage, it does make the skin feel heavy either. With powder foundation, you do not need to set it either as it is already in powder form. The brand and quality matter much as not any foundation will do the job for your skin as you might think. Hence, navigate between products in order to find out which brand products fit your skin type and texture best.

The difference between light and heavy coverage foundation

If you have good skin or do not like your face feeling heavy throughout the day then light coverage foundation is the right choice, especially if you have no spots or blemishes, or pigmentation on the skin or face. In this category also lie BB and CC creams that are tinted and sometimes act as foundations for the skin. Most people with no pigmentation on the skin use these creams as they do the job just fine for them and the skin can breathe without feeling heavy or cakey.

But if you have acne on your skin, heavy breakouts, cystic acne, pigmentation, or anything else and would like to cover it up completely then full coverage foundation is the best. Or if you are going for a heavier look where a lot of makeup needs to be piled on the face then also full coverage foundation is the best as it can hold more products and result in a nicer more put-together end result and even turn out better in pictures.

The benefits of both types of foundation


Following are the benefits relating to both types of foundation.

Liquid foundation and its benefits

As for liquid foundation, this is a general foundation type that is used by anyone that applies makeup face. It provides proper coverage and is easier to apply. Although the liquid inside the bottle can vary such as a liquid foundation of any spray-on, may be thick, runny or spray-on, etc. The consistency is dependent on the brand name and the audience it caters to. This fact is also true for powder foundations but these do not prove to be the best if you have perfectly fine or close to good-looking you have really good looking and feeling skin then the tiniest drop or dab of liquid foundation is ideal for you or maybe even none at all, it all depends on you and your preferences.

If you want to achieve a matte makeup look then it is necessary you use the right powder as well. Or if you prefer a dewier look then you need to use the best foundation that does not make the makeup lip move around on the face too much and eventually causes it to mess up.

A powder foundation and its benefits

The thing with powder foundation is that depending on the brand you are using this can be a great product to get your hands on if you have sensitive or damaged skin. It is known to have fewer chemicals in the formula meaning it provides coverage for the skin as well as takes care of it throughout the day and night. The number of preservatives involved in the formula is also less as compared to liquid foundation. The ratio is about one percent to three percent respectively. This means a liquid foundation has double the number of preservatives as compared to a powder one. This base product has the ability to absorb oil if you have oily skin which means that it will keep your skin looking matte instead of oily. It protects the skin while causing no extra harm or breakouts. Hence, if you have acne-prone skin then this is a great step to add to or switch to in your makeup routine.

Which is better for you?

As we have already made it clear, with cosmetics you can never know what is best for you unless you are aware of what is not. You need to look for the right skincare products for your skin and body. As for foundation if you have oily skin then once you have figured out your preference look for the brand that suits you best as ingredients are something one should be highly conscious of when picking an item. If you have normal skin then congratulations you can use anything as long as you like the way it looks on you and how it makes you feel. As for dry skin, it is essential you look for a hydrating foundation as well as one that does not harm the skin and provides proper coverage.

Hence, these are the things one must be aware of when picking the right type of foundation. On the go4shine page, we sell some of the finest cosmetics products in all of Pakistan, feel free to look through and pick the item you desire.