The tone of the skin is determined by knowing the amount of melanin in the outmost layer of your skin called the epidermis. Melanin is the complex compound of polymer that is produced by cells called melanocytes (the naturally occurring dark brown and black pigments). 

When the skin is exposed to sunlight having damaged ultraviolet rays, then the melanocytes develop the natural defense system. In this mechanism, a large amount of melanin is produced in the outmost layer of the skin and absorbs harmful rays. 

For that reason, it is very important to know the skin tone because it explains how much time you should spend under the high ultraviolet rays of the sun. skin tone also determined the makeup that will be effective for you. 

It is a very difficult task to categorize the skin tone because all skin tone has different hues. And all skin types produce different types of melanocytes. For this purpose, there are three categories that would help to determine skin tone. 

Tips To Know Your Skin Tone

Skin tone should be focused on during shopping for cosmetics products. You should choose those cosmetic products that always fit your skin tone and produce good results in order to use them on the regular basis. So here you find some tips to know your skin tone.

Look at Your Face in Natural Light

Sometimes you notice a grey tone when you are wearing makeup, which means that your foundation is not complemented by your undertone. Thoroughly wash your face clearly with face wash or normal water and wait for 15 minutes. A few more steps should be taken:

  • After this, grab a small mirror and head towards the sunlight or well-lit window to determine your skin tone.
  • Observe your jawline which is usually less affected by color changes.
  • Find your surface color that matches the shades that you need. 

The Silver/Gold Test

  • You have a cool undertone if the silver is complement your skin more than the gold. 
  • You have a warm undertone skin if the gold looks better with your skin 

This information will help you a lot in choosing the jewelry for you.

Look at Your Veins

From the color of the veins, you can know your undertone skin type. Under the neutral light, the colors of veins can be seen.

  • The skin tone  is cool if the veins appear blue or purple 
  • The skin tone is warm if the veins appear green or greenish blue.
  • The skin tone is neutral if the veins appear green and blue. 
  • Those of you with an olive complexion will probably fall into this category.

Reaction to Sun Exposure?

You can examine your skin tone by recognizing how it reacts to sun exposure. When you are out in the sun the skin tan easily, then you have a medium or dark skin tone. And if it is not tan easily then you have a fair skin tone.

Tips To Find The Skin Undertone

When you go for shopping makeup products, you probably should know the terms cool, warn, and neutral that are describing the different shades of the skin. These terms are called the undertone. Undertone is also known as the muted or subtle color under your skin tone. The undertone remains the same and has no factors affecting it, but the skin tone may vary with the factors that changed according to the climate. 

If you want to know what is undertone color of your skin is, then you are at the secure platform because we provide some essential tips to know about undertone skin care. From these tips, you are able to choose those products that will perfectly match your undertone skin. So let’s explore the undertones of skin.

Cool – The cool undertone recognized through  the red and pink with bluish hints

Warm – You will see the yellow, peachy and golden hues in the warm undertone skin. 

Neutral – It has olive or balanced mix shades.

The first thing that you see in the mirror is the skin tone or the surface of the color of your skin. It may appear ruddy but the undertone could be golden or yellow. Therefore you should explore your undertone when you are applying the liquid foundation, concealer, or any other type of cosmetic product.


Skin tone is a more important term when you are choosing your skincare products. It may be warm, cool, or neutral because it varies with the climate around the individual. There is a skin undertone that can be determined in various ways and it probably helps you to find out the jewelry that matches your shades of skin under the sun.