Makeup is a beautiful form of art but just like any artistic ability this one requires lots of knowledge and a whole ton of practice with experience on the side, but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn tips and tricks for your makeup to behave and adjust to your liking here are some of the best make up advice for you to adapt in order to enhance your face make up and for it to last a lot longer.

  • You need to start with a clean canvas and what we mean by that is your face needs to be spotless before you apply any makeup product, you could either cleanse your face before applying makeup or simply use your favorite face wash this will ensure you have no oil or dirt on your face beforehand and that nothing will come between the base of your make up to give the skin a weird texture, cakey makeup has never been anyone’s strong suit so it’s better to avoid having unappealing face make up by these useful tips.
  • Hydrate your face, and the key product that can provide hydration is moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin is super important before putting on any product related to makeup, moisturizing will ensure your foundation blends in evenly. Because if you don’t apply moisturizer your skin will either be too dry or too oily depending on the skin type and this will cause your makeup to not only not last longer but also has a weird and unappealing texture.

  • One of the key factors for your makeup to last longer is using primer, primer should be a very important step in your makeup routine if you want your face makeup to last the whole day and still look flawless. Primer acts as a glue for all the makeup products you apply on top it gives the products a base to stick to and last longer. It’s always best to invest in a good quality primer if your main goal with make-up is for its effect to last longer on your skin.
  • Compact powder or translucent powder is also a game-changer, applying powder on creamy products such as concealer and foundation or even cream blush can set your applied products in place, powder basically acts like a topcoat or lock coat for makeup, which the name suggests is used for makeup to the last longer and still stay fresh.
  • Next comes the makeup products you use, using waterproof makeup is also a suggestion. Waterproof makeup is for people with oily skin or people who sweat more than usual, having liquid substance occur on your face so often allows your makeup to wear off and this causes uneven and blotchy makeup after some time. Hence using waterproof products can add a lot to your makeup routine in terms of lasting longer or simply just looking appealing.

  • Lipsticks are another have’s but don’t last long at all, especially glossy lipsticks, gloss in general. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting effect then a matte is the way to go. But if you’re against the matte lip using powdered eyeshadow on top of your glossy lip can set the gloss in place so it won’t move.
  • The twice method is also a game-changer. Applying two layers to everything, of course not everything too much concealer would just give off a flashback Mary. Applying your liner twice because you have watery eyes can be a start. Using long-lasting mascara as well as going a little over the blush game, it’s a known fact make wears off with time it won’t look the same at the end of the day but the twice method has really set a different tone for the “longer-lasting effect” in the make-up industry.
  • At the end of the day it all comes down to what sort of make-up product you are using to be very honest. If you’re using these tips with make-up you brought from the drug store don’t expect these techniques to do wonders on your skin, the makeup product you choose needs to be compatible enough with your skin to provide you that flawless finish with a longer-lasting effect.