We are all aware of the typical skincare procedure that most people follow, give and take a few steps.






Face mask


Eye cream

Essential Oils

Massaging creams

Massaging oils

Face Sculpting tools for blood flow

These happen to be the mainstream skincare essentials that are a part of almost anybody’s skincare procedure or routine. But taking care of your skin can sometimes be really expensive especially if the products that best suit your skin type are from a brand that is expensive, often products run out really quickly and you have to buy another, this process goes on. And obviously, if something suits your skin you will do anything you can to protect it. For those on a tight budget that have to settle for less have it tougher than those that can afford such items. Often a person willing enough to spend loads of money on skincare items finds themselves in a black hole, not being able to understand how their effort is not effective enough for them to have healthier and clearer skin.

As we have already said several times, you never know what works best for your skin and texture unless you understand the dynamic of how things work such as your daily intake of food and liquids, how you handle your skin, what products you use, how you apply them, what tools you use, how sanitary your working environment is, all of these things and much more effect your skin more than you might think. Hence, regarding this topic one needs to be hyper aware and sensitive till they are comfortable enough to understand what their skin demands, how much and all other ways in which you can achieve better looking and feeling skin.

Have you ever wondered about what the food that you consume does to your body and how it might be affecting your skin? If not then you should. Why? Well, because most of the times with skincare it is more about the stuff that enters your body than what is on it. What this means is that the food you consume and how it reacts with your body shows on the skin. Results do not take much time hence, a slight change should be an alarming situation for you to switch up your routine.

As for the skincare products Pakistan you use those also affect the skin but not as heavily as the food you consume. Because these products do not penetrate inside the skin as well. Products damage the upper layer of the skin causing issues, leaving marks, but almost all the time such processes are reversible if you simply switch to a different product or stop using them at all.


Home remedies are a great way to keep the skin healthy if you have failed everywhere else. Although store bought products are an invention of experts and much more effective as the ingredients that go inside these items are highly concentrated to the right amount leaving less room for error. But often people find it easier to follow an ages-old remedy they learned from their grandma or mother because they simply work better and cheaper for them. One must try to avoid home remedies if they are unable to use organic products because they ensure no harm or damage to the skin even if there are no new visible changes shown on the skin after use. But if you are still willing to try then follow the list of organic home remedies we have mentioned below to give it a try and find out for yourselves. Who knows maybe your skin will love these ideas as much as we do.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to use organic products or food items only.

Effective Home Remedies for Skincare in Pakistan


  1. Number one on the list is avocado. Yes, that is right you can use this magical fruit when it is fully ripe, as a facemask or natural exfoliator for the skin. This brightens the skin, makes it feel smooth, and gets rid of any dead skin. You can even mix it up with raw organic honey to create a mask, leave it on for ten minutes and then wash or wipe it off for instant results. This ingredient is highly recommended as 99% of the time it does not harm any skin type at all. You should eat an avocado if you do not wish to use it on the face.
  2. Second up is raw honey. Honey is an absolutely amazing ingredient, you can apply it straight to the face to replenish the skin instantly. Leave it on as a mask for ten minutes and then wipe it off, make sure to wash your face if any remnants get left behind. You should also try to use honey in your diet. Add a spoon full to your tea or any other food item or just take a spoon full of it with or without ginger in the morning. Helps tremendously with the throat as well as the skin.
  3. Baking soda is a famous ingredient when talking about cleaning something. It is cheap and easily available. If you have yellow teeth then mix up a teaspoon of baking soda in your toothpaste or just straight-up baking soda on the toothbrush, brush your teeth with it like you normally would, and voila. Save this one for special occasions and do not make it an everyday thing, this is more of a hack than a routine thing.
  4. Ran out of scrub? Want to exfoliate your skin but cannot seem to find anything or perhaps you are tired of buying that expensive bottle of scrub that is never enough? Well, use sugar. Yes, Sugar. A simple ingredient, inexpensive, and easily available. You can use it to exfoliate your skin and lips. But be as gentle and soft-handed as possible to not damage the skin and open pores.
  5. The god of home skincare items is coconut oil. Use it anywhere, in your belly button, on your face, on your lips, to exfoliate, take off makeup with it or just simply a shot of organic coconut oil, and use it in your cooking. It does wonders for the body in terms of hydration and glowing skin.
  6. And last but on least is a turmeric and yogurt mask. Maybe even mix in a spoon or organic honey. This hydrates and brightens the skin. Turmeric is a heavy but highly effective ingredient but be sure to not damage the skin by making it a routine.
  7. An honorable mention would be lemon or lime. A squeeze of lemon in any mask or even as an exfoliator for the nails.

Hence, these are some at home remedies on can follow for a healthier and cheaper lifestyle. Take your pick and follow our website for some great cosmetics products.