Makeup is an adornment for the face. Accentuating the features with the help of these products is considered an art. People do not just use it to cover up their flaws or blemishes instead it is considered a form of art where people express themselves by beautifying their facial features with the aid of these items. This art form has also evolved into a business now that just keeps on growing and evolving with time and era as well as trends.

Makeup has so much power that it can make you feel better about yourself if you are insecure. Which is both positive and negative in itself. Some people like to spend the entire day with a face full of makeup and some simply wait for special occasions to apply it. Either way, we have great products available on our website from esteemed brands for you to use. It has some great benefits as well as cons. We will be discussing both in order to answer any queries you might have.


Benefits of daily use of Makeup

Following are the advantages of everyday use & application of makeup products:

  • It has the power to make you feel confident
  • Eveline Makeup makes you feel fierce and put together
  • It takes care of the skin against the hard dust and debris the whole day (with proper use)
  • Accentuates your facial features making them more prominent and sharp
  • You will feel less monotone and more different and put together with makeup
  • It makes your skin look flawless and airbrushed
  • It has the ability to give your personality a confidence boost
  • It covers up blemishes and marks on the skin
  • You will always look flawless and perfect in pictures
  • You look half your age with it
  • Due to the daily application of makeup you will get to clean your skin every day and night hence, it helps to ensure a clean skin
  • It shows other people how much effort you put into looking nice and presentable
  • The right products can make you want an everyday makeup routine that suits your skin type
  • It helps cover up wrinkles
  • Helps cover up aging marks
  • Tired and feel like a zombie? But you have somewhere to be looking completely fresh? Then makeup is the answer. Even if it is just a light touch-up, it can do wonders for you.

You can leave feedback and more suggestions if you feel there are other benefits besides these. These are the most outstanding and basic benefits, commonly known. We believe there must be more and would love to hear from you, especially about how the products on our website made your skin feel and If they fit the criteria or not. We are confident that they do but would still love to gain customer feedback.

The Disadvantages of Daily Application of Makeup Products

It is an unchangeable phenomenon that everything in this world that give you benefit has its cons too. Be it a single con or many compared to the advantages, it still exists no matter what. In this same way as makeup makes you feel confident and beautiful it also has its list of disadvantages or perhaps cons. Although adjustments can be made depending upon what you can afford it is still recommended to no compromise when it comes to the skin.

Anything used or made accessible in the right way can provide you with benefits but if used recklessly or not in the right way, the way in which it should be used then it can be harmful as well. Same thing with makeup products if you are not using the right ones according to your skin texture and type then you are doing an injustice to your skin. Hence, a little knowledge can go far all the while it can benefit your skin, which is essential in feeling confident.

Because every night when you take off the makeup your skin should be feeling healthy, refreshed and clean, not congested and disgusting.


Below is a list of disadvantages that occur with the daily use of makeup products especially if they are not the right ones for your skin:

Disadvantages of Daily use of Makeup Products

  • Daily application of makeup can make your skin feel trapped and congested
  • Little bumps and congested pimples can occur on the skin, especially if not applied in a sanitary manner
  • Proper use of makeup tools is necessary because they play an important role in keeping the skin healthy or else breakouts occur on the skin
  • Although it does not have the ability to age the skin and make you look older than you are certain ingredients, however, damage the skin such as parabens. Hence, avoid products with this ingredient at all costs to feel young always.
  • If you have sensitive skin then using makeup every day is not good at all because it can harm the skin further
  • Allergic reactions may occur which leave unhealthy dry patches on the skin, this results in the skin drying out and dying faster
  • Make sure no one else is using your products because this fact too can damage the skin
  • Oily skin becomes even oilier if too much foundation is used every day
  • The pores get clogged and dirt builds up inside causing the skin to breakout
  • Mascara or eyeliner that is used by more than one person can cause an eye infection or other eye problems
  • A huge threat is the cause of cancer due to excessive use of makeup. Although this is a rare occurrence it is still a possibility that should not be left unsaid.
  • If you have unfit skin then it can bring down your morale if you use makeup every day, making you feel less confident than you did when you have it on. One must first be comfortable with who they are then happy about what they can become. Change is good but not at the cost of anyone’s satisfaction, happiness, and true confidence in being yourself.

Hence, these are the pros and cons that come with the everyday use of makeup products in Pakistan. It can be both for you and against you. The idea heavily depends on the person’s mindset and perception. Excessive use of anything is not good. Having a consistent and light makeup routine is better than begin perfect.