This one especially is for the ladies! Everything you MUST know about the perfect red lip according to your face and lips is present right here for you. We have you covered ladies. Everything you need to know about looking classy and elegant with a red lip is all right here for you.

Indeed lipstick is a lady’s best friend when it comes to makeup. The perfect, full lip is often a statement of the whole look or perhaps the face. A red lip, however, classifies as a bold approach to making lips the statement focus area of the face. It takes away from the innocent, soft look and makes you look bolder and fiercer. Any dark shade of lipstick has the ability to make you look mature and out there but there is definitely something different about a red lip.


  1. Fit the shade of red according to your skin color

When picking a shade of red lipstick , pick one that suits your skin color the best. Try using brighter shades of red if you have very light skin. If you have a pale/ivory complexion go for reds that are more on the pink side, subtle but still bold. If you have dark skin then opt for deeper shades of red, maybe even in the line of maroon.

  1. Keep the eye makeup minimum

When going for a makeup look with a red lip, you need to make sure that the rest of the face is on the neutral side. The eye makeup especially should be kept as low-key as possible. Why? Because you want the red lip to be the whole of the drama on the face, if there’s extra color and highlights points of the face in terms of makeup then the whole look might end up turning out messy and clashing.


  1. Conceal to hide any outlines

It is not very common for everybody to know how to apply the perfect red lip. When using such a vibrant color, messing up or filling outside the lines is inevitable. For this what you can do is to outline your lips first, maybe not with a red lip liner instead of a liner that is closer to your natural lip color, and apply the lipstick over it. If any color does end up outside the lines, just use concealer to shape the lips, and voila! Problem fixed.

  1. Keep those teeth clean

A red lip over yellow teeth is not ideal at all. This is why make sure that your teeth are clean and pearly white so that your face looks bright instead of dull and unpleasant with a red lip. Hygiene is very important in general to look presentable anywhere it is that you go, it definitely adds to the personality whereas unkempt teeth just mean less effort.

  1. Take your time while applying

 Do rush by applying the lipstick onto your lips. Take your time, pick the right shade. You might even have to apply and start over again if the shade is unfit for your liking. The go4shine website has some of the best makeup stores in Pakistan. You can shop online for the best lipsticks from the best brands to elevate the experience of fine quality and a reasonable quantity of products.

  1. Use lighter shades of red for thin lips

Using or perhaps starting with a lighter shade is a tip that comes in handy for most ladies. However, especially if you are someone with thin or perhaps small lips, you go to move when picking a shade for yourself, despite the skin color is to look in the section with lighter shades of red. Because if you really want to make a statement with a red lip in your look, you have to make the right choices.

  1. Apply with brush first

If you are someone that does not wear dark shades of lipstick often then it is essential you take your time with the process, use a liner if you have to, and most importantly for greater precision according to your lip shape, use a  good quality brush to apply the product. Simply take a lip brush, stroke it against the lipstick and apply it over the lips, build up till you get to your desired shade.

  1. Create a base layer first

This is not a necessity but does serve as an aid in the process which is to start with a clear canvas. What this means is that you can start with a base layer first. Now, this could mean two things. One is you can use the same lipstick and build it up till you achieve perfection. Second, you can put concealer over your lips to create a shape of your own will. This can come in handy when you are going for bolder makeup looks where there are a lot of products involved.