Everybody wants to feel good with or without makeup. Flawless and smooth silky skin is a desire but with the number of products that have been introduced and how the skincare ethics keep on evolving finding yourself the perfect skincare routine in pakistan that can benefit your skin requires experiments and a big budget. Although water is great for the skin and body it is not the solution to all your problems. What you put inside your body is a choice you make yourself and instead of treating the body like a garbage bag one should be conscious of what they consume, water does wonder for the body and it shows on the skin but for flawless skin, you need to be aware of much more than just hydration. Important steps such as:

  •         Cleansing
  •         Moisturizing
  •         Toning
  •         Proper sleep
  •         Hygienic beauty tools

These are all a must for any skin texture or type no matter what. Without these essential steps, you must have perfect skin that is immune to everything in order to be satisfied.

What does cleansing do for the skin?

cleansing skin

As already discussed, cleansing helps to break down any sort of matter on the face and clean it thoroughly. Double cleansing is the way to go when it comes to taking off makeup. This important step ensures that your skin is clear & clean enough for you to follow other steps such as serums & lotion. There are various tools used these days for cleansing such as:

This tool is referred to as an exfoliator or exfoliation machine. It is available in both manual and battery running forms. It is also available in firm hair-like bristle type as well as silicon bristles. The difference between the hair-like and silicon is that the first is harsh on the skin and should be used twice or thrice a week whereas the latter is suitable for everyday use as it is gentle on the skin. This is an amazing tool as exfoliation is a tremendous step towards better skin. If you have skin problems with no end then exfoliation might be the answer to your problems. Many people have benefited from this technique alone. No need for added products or tools just simple exfoliation twice a day might be the right move to make.

What does moisturization do for the skin?


The moisturization helps the skin stay hydrated throughout the day and night. It is an essential skincare step that must be followed religiously. There are various types of cream for both day and night but if you have already had a moisturizer that keeps your skin healthy and glowing which also does not make your skin feel dry or oily after application, just the right amount of hydration then keep on using it for morning and before going to bed instead of looking further but if you feel your skin is not feeling the same due to certain climate or other changes then feel free to upgrade. For normal skin types, light moisturizing cream is best, something that is not too thick. For dry skin type, it is essential heavy-duty moisturizer be used to help the skin evolve and get better as well as loads of water throughout the day.

A myth that follows oily skin is that you should not moisturize it instead wash your face as many times as possible throughout the day. This is absolutely false as oily skin is the most demanding of such hydration to balance out the skin’s texture because excessive cleaning can form dry & oily patches on the skin, splitting it for the worst. Hence, moisturize your oily skin as much as you wash it to keep the sebum maintained and the skin glowing rather than drenching in oil and disgust from the day.

What are other important steps that contribute to healthy skin?


The two main steps are:

  1.       Cleansing
  2.       Moisturizing

Other than these two necessary steps one must make sure to follow the tips mentioned below. But before you read further keep in mind that one needs to be aware and knowledgeable of what they should be using, how they should be making use of it, and how it may affect the skin, this helps ensure proper care of the skin as it is the most sensitive organ of the body. Hence, do your research, conduct mild experiments and find the right product for yourself. Protect your skin at all costs against things that do not do the job for it because you never know how a product or an ingredient might react to your skin.

Following are some great tips for good skin that you can involve in your Skincare Routine

  •         Keep your skincare routine as short and limited as possible
  •         Make sure to follow the steps after you wake up and before you go to bed
  •         Pick the right makeup and skincare products
  •         Check the ingredients
  •         Try to stay away from perfumed products if you have super sensitive skin
  •         Be knowledgeable of the essential oils you choose to involve in your routine
  •         MOISTURIZE for the day as well as the night
  •         Stay away from heat as much as possible as it can open up pores and cause bacteria to enter and sebum to form (this congests the skin)
  •         Proper hydration is necessary (drink water and use lotion or cream)
  •         Try not to touch your face with your hands at all or as little as possible as the hands have much work to do and the face is sensitive
  •         Both your body and face should be exfoliated at least once and twice a week to ensure a thorough cleanse.
  •         Use serums that help the skin glow and stay hydrated (vitamins C, D, E, etc.)
  •         Intake as many proteins as possible, beans, greens, eggs, meats, etc.
  •         Avoid too much sugary content as it can cause the skin to break out.
  •         Stay away from dairy if it does not react well with your body
  •         Avoid glutinous food if your body rejects it often
  •         Use completely clean tools such as makeup brushes and make sure they stay single-handed.
  •         Eat at least one healthy meal a day.

Hence, these are a few of the essential precautionary measures one can take in order to maintain health and balanced skin. These precautions will help you with your self-esteem and confidence no matter where you go or what you do.