Best tools and applicators to be added to your makeup kit

For a flawless makeup, look one requires the right set of tools or brushes or any other application gadget. An artist needs the right set of tools to make his art come to life or else it does not matter. It is up to him to pick the right tools in terms of what his art should turn out to be in order to fulfill his imagination and see it come to life. In the same way, when it comes to makeup from start to finish there is a perception in the mind of the applicator regarding what he wants to look like after having done what needs to be done. Which means he needs the perfect application tools to achieve the desired makeup look.

Here we will guide you on the various tools related to makeup and how they should be used as well as which ones are must-haves in your makeup kit. These application gadgets are essential to receive the desired look but the ultimate decision and general use depend entirely upon the applicator and the ways in which he uses the tools. Because merely owning all necessary items does not mean you can do can easily become an expert. Expertise requires technique, practice as well as experience with a side of failure because unless you fail at something or perhaps do it wrong you can never understand the right way to do it. In the instance of makeup, the right way to do it is the way that suits you best.

Following are the most common makeup application tools used.

  • Makeup brushes
  • Beauty blender sponges
  • Flat sponge/foam-pad
  • Hands/fingers

These are four common things or items used by people to put on makeup.

What are makeup brushes and how do they work?

When it comes to makeup brushes the list is almost endless and quite extensive but for a better understanding of the few categories that exist, we have narrowed down the list to the most essential ones. Brushes are of the following categories.

  • Face product makeup brushes:

  • For face makeup, the brushes tend to be bigger as compared to the eyes. But they come in both buff form for a soft look as well as an angled form for a bold & chiseled look.
  • Eye product makeup brushes:

    As for eye products such as eyeshade be it cream or powder the brushes tend to be smaller and thinner but these also come in two forms, buff and angled.

  • Body makeup brushes:

    Body makeup brushes are the largest of the kind as they need to cover a large surface area. These also come in various forms, shapes as well as sizes.

Following are the types of makeup brushes you need for different products.

These are all the different products that require brushes in order to be applied. However, for most of these products such as highlighters and foundation and concealer, etc. you can use your hands. For cream products, you can avail the warmth of your fingers to blend the product. For a contour, however, if you do not like to use a brush then a beauty blender is ideal.

What should a set of eyeshadow brushes include?

You should definitely have more than one brush when it comes to an eye makeup look as you do not want the colors mixing up and ruining your look. However, you do not need to have twenty or thirty different brushes in order to have the perfect amount a few essentials can do the job just about right for you. If you are someone with little experience on are not so much an expert but still love to apply makeup then the following brushes are perfect for your eye makeup

  • A single brush to apply the shadow
  • An angled shadow brush to apply the shade at an angle (both thick and thin brushes)
  • A small blending brush
  • A big blending brush

If you love to play around with makeup then the sky is the limit. Conduct as many experiments as you want to create exquisite makeup looks. These are all the essential tools that your makeup kits must include.

What is a beauty blender and how does it work?

A beauty blender is a thick sponge in the form of an oval with a pointy rounded tip that is convenient for the nooks and crannies of the face. It is essentially used for blending products as it can absorb excess products. Most makeup connoisseurs use it to pat liquid products on their faces or blend cream products on the skin.

Why do people use their hands to apply makeup?

Many people use their hands to apply products such as foundation, concealer, and any other cream or liquid products. The reason behind this is that the warmth from the hands/fingers helps blend the product and melts it on the skin so as to provide a more evened-out application. Hands are nature’s makeup brushes.

Hence, these are all the essential makeup application tools one needs to complete their makeup kit or bag. Check out the go4shine page to purchase the best products and items from some of the best brands in all of Pakistan.







What Should the Best Makeup Kit Be Like?

All makeup lovers know how important it is to have a consistent, everyday makeup routine that you can just put on anytime you like. Revised. Rehearsed and proper. A routine that your hands and brain must be used to. A look you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing is how your everyday makeup look should be. Something you are used to and know every detail about. Everything from accentuating your facial features to using the right amount of products. Even if you are someone that does not apply eveline makeup every day you must still be aware of the dynamics of what fits you and looks the best on you as well as how it makes you feel.

As for those who are not used to the daily application of makeup, they can follow this guide to help ease their makeup troubles as well as take notes from any and all other information available on the website for the best customer experience. This is the ultimate guide on how all the products we have mentioned down below are the best makeup kit items. Some absolute must-haves. It may take some time but we can assure you that finding the right products for your makeup bag is the easiest most consistent way to learn more about makeup and expand your horizons.

Here are four simple categories we have divided the kit into:

  • Face
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Lips

Following are the items best suited for anybody’s makeup kits.

Facial Makeup Products

When it comes to face products it all comes down to the skin type, what product of a specific brand suits the skin and how much product you can wear the whole day. The list is extensive for this part of the makeup kit hence, hold tight and read on to find out what you must put in your makeup kit or bag.


This is the first and very important product that belongs in your kit if you want the look to last all day. It sets the makeup in place and helps create a barrier between the foundation and moisturizer that hydrates the skin as well as preps it for the rest of the products.

Powder: This locks the liquid products, especially the foundation and concealer, sets them in place, and adds a mattified look.


This is the most standard item. The foundation covers the skin and preps it for the remaining face products. You must look for the perfect shade for your skin and add it to your kit.


As the name suggests the concealer is the most important product as it conceals all the blemishes and dark undertones on the skin. Hence, this is another must-have.

Color corrector: The color corrector fixes pigmentation on the skin, any sort of discoloration that you might have on your skin can be fixed using this product.


Contour helps shape the skin and accentuate your natural features. How much you use it depends on you, choosing the right shade is also an essential decision.


Bronzer goes on top of the concealer and it helps bring color back to the skin after the foundation and concealer make the face look all one tone and plain.


The blush gives a flushed, cheeky look to the face and can make you look beautiful and sultry, it also brings color to the face making it look fresh.


This is a product that goes on top of the cheekbones and it makes the face shine under the light depending upon where you apply the highlighter on your face. Areas such as under the eyebrows, on the nose bridge, and the tip of the nose are all common highlight application areas.

Makeup setting spray: Lastly the setting spray is used to lock the makeup in place, you can apply this both at the very end of the makeup look and after the face products have been applied for a porcelain finish.

Moving on to the eye products.

Eye Makeup Products

AS for eyes, it is all about having fun, in fact, this is where you can make all your favorite choices and still end up looking gorgeous in the end as long as the face makeup is perfect the eyes can look like anything you want them to look like.

Eye primer:

Before getting started with colors and looks use the eye primer to help the shades stick better to the eye and not move around easily. You can even use your normal face primer or purchase specific ones for the eyes. Whatever suits you?


Various colors, different pallets, and a whole lot of fun be its cream color or powders have fun playing around with colors to create unique looks.


The eyeliner helps add depth to the eye. You can maneuver it any which way you like to best fit your makeup look.


Mascara is a product for the eyelashes which helps lift them and make them more prominent.

Eyelash curler:

This helps to curl the lashes, lift them up, and for the mascara to be put on easily. Using this tool or not is up to you but it honestly can change your look if you use it.


Eyebrow Products

Following are the products essential for the eyebrows.

Eyebrow gel:

The gel sets the brow hairs in place so they do not move or need to be brushed consistently in order to look perfect. This ensures they look perfect and are lifted all day long.

Eyebrow pencil:

Any blind or empty spots on the brow can be filled with a shadow or pencil. Just choose the right color according to your hair.

Lip Products

Following are the products for your lips that you must have.


Depending on your preference you can pick between matte and glossy matte.


If you are more of a gloss person then apply this over the lipstick or just use gloss.

Hence, these are all the makeup essentials or must-haves that you must have in your makeup bag or kit.